Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Tagged: #cute #kawaii #food style #bear

Hi, this is Megupi☆, and welkom to my new Tumblr : ASOBIMASHOU~(◑‿◐)!! I hope you like~ thanks for visiting me (◡‿◡✿)!
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I love lolita style♥, JAPAN, Tokyo fashion, Harajuku style, Korea fashion, cute and kawaii stuff :), anime & mangas, dramas, k-pop (specially Big bang & 2ne1), nekos & usagis, SANRIO, Kuromi and others (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*<3

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I have 22 years old and study communication sciences (media speciality: Tv/radio) after~ I'm going to be a fashion designer xD! I'm a cosplayer/cosmaker and lolita from Lima-Perú :3~ I love to draw manga style♥!! and I have 3 cute kittys <3